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A few mishaps. As a kid of 9-10, I shot so many rounds through a cheap 22 revolver, it got so out of time that it would misalign and split bullets in half. !/2 would go down the barrel, other half would jam the cylinder.

Shooting a Taurus .38 some years back, the barrel followed the bullet. I learned then about pinned barrels and threaded barrels.

My S&W 63 extractor will loosen and jam the cylinder.

Other weapons? While jacking a shell into my W-1200 at a skeet match, while standing with a group of friends, the gun went off into the ground. Got our attention. When asked if I had fired it, I said no, and pointed it downrange and jacked another shell in. It went off. Carefully unlaoded it and on dissambly, found the firing pin had broken in less that 500 rounds.

M-14 bolt rod came loose while qualifing many years ago. I could see a round had chambered and the bolt was home. I lowered my head and fired. Handle re-engaged the bolt.

Accidently bought a single shot shotgun many years ago. Heavy as sin. Somebody had bored the chamber out so much you could see around the rim of the shell. Every now and then, a shell would go 1/2 way or more past the chamber and into. the barrel. Knock it out and keep shooting. Once, while hunting, it happened and I broke a limb off getting it out. After we had all studied it, we all took cover, I held the gun around a tree pointed downward and lit it off again. Didn't hurt the gun, but did clean out the bore. A second cousin is still using it last I heard.
There were probably other instances, but those still stick in my mind.

Yeah, I know I lived dangerously, but in each instance, "It seemed like a good idea at the time........." I'm a tad less adventerous nowadays.
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