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Quote: "I thought I had upgraded lately when I bought a Hornady automatic measure, the one with the electric motor, and it is so slow I can hand measure on a scale at a 4 to 1 ratio even on the fast setting. It is almost depressing how much re-loading stuff one buys over the years that is almost useless."
1) Customer Service is your friend--call them. ALL the companies in the shooting industry have great customer service (minus the rare dummy that might answer occasionally).
2) Both the Hornady and the RCBS can be programmed. Both, as received, are more than fast enough for almost every user.
So, if your unit is not fast enough, try calling the manufacturer. You may have a bad unit. Your unit may not be kicking into high speed or your unit was incorrectly programmed for ONLY run at trickle speed or you pressed a bunch of buttons in frustation and re-programmed it yourself.
The last thing they want is a frustrated customer complaining on the 'net, but they can't do anything until they know about it.
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