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Precision Delta 9mm 124gr JHP

Hi Guys. This is my first post. Just wanted to report on the 9mm 124 gr. jacketed hollow point bullets from Precision Delta. I just reloaded and shot a sample 100 of them in 9mm Luger using assorted range brass. I used 7.8 grains of Blue Dot, seated the bullets to 1.140" C.O.L. , and shot them in my Hi-Point 995TS carbine. No problems at all with feeding.

With a red-dot sight from the bench, I got 2-inch groups at 50 yards on a fairly windy day. For comparison, using the Federal 115 gr FMJ factory rounds ($20 per hundred from Walmart), I got 5-inch groups the same day. Either that rifle REALLY likes these Precision Delta bullets, or REALLY does not like the Federal stuff.

Anyway, I'm very impressed with these Precision Delta bullets. These are the cheapest 9mm jacketed hollow points I can find, at only $86 per thousand with free shipping. I cut one of them apart, and they seem well-made with thick jackets, not copper plated. They have a rather long nose for a hollow point, which I also like for longer-range shooting.

I imagine I am shooting them at about 1400 fps or more out of this 16-1/2-inch barrel with this slow-burning powder, especially at 8000 feet elevation. Sold my Oehler chronograph in the last move (dumb), so I can't verify.

I figure I'll load up a thousand of these for my next prairie dog shooting trip. I figure they won't ricochet as much as a FMJ, and will do a better job on blowing up short-range rodents. I shoot so many of these rats that I need to try a different type of gun to keep things interesting. Long-range prairie dog shooting with centerfire rifles has become boring to me. That's why I switched to the 17 HMR many years ago. Now, I want to try the 9mm on them.
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