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Yes, TiteGroup is fine....but be careful with it ...min is 4.1gr and max is 4.4 gr ( so only 0.3gr apart ).... but loads are under 1200 fps which is the max that Berry's recommends in their website. So I'd probably load them to a goal of 4.2gr with TiteGroup.

from Hodgdon manual:
125 GR. SIE FMJ Hodgdon Titegroup .355" 1.090" 4.1 1069 27,300 CUP 4.4 1136 30,600 CUP

Personally, for that bullet..I use Hodgdon Universal ...spread in recipe is a little more tolerant...4.3gr min / 4.9gr max ....and I was loading mine to a target drop of 4.7gr.

from Hodgdon Manual:
125 GR. SIE FMJ Hodgdon Universal .355" 1.090" 4.3 1031 26,900 CUP 4.9 1118 30,600 CUP

Both of the Berry's bullets you picked up are 124gr ...and plated you'll load them both to the same powder specs ....the only variable is seating the bullet properly for each style of bullet. Personally, I would just pick one or the other...not fuss with both.

Montana Gold makes a very good bullet too ...FMJ ...or CMJ ...but nothing wrong with Berry's either.

I would never reload my carry ammo ...and I think from a liability standpoint, most experts would tell you to buy your defensive ammo.
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