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Posted by Erikbal: Oh and I forgot, my one scenario was if a guy had a gun pointed at his wife or whomever and clearly was enraged and stated he was going to kill her. If something like that were to happen and someone was killed, I would feel awful if I thought there was a chance I could have stopped it in any way.
Too many assumptions:
  • That the person wih the gun is in fact a criminal making unawful threats
  • That the person who appears to be threatened would herself be entitled to use deadly force under the circumatances and did not act unlawfully to start with
  • That the apparent victim would testify afterward that she had in fact been in danger rather than saying that you threatened them....

The man with a gun could be a security guard, undercover detective, or armed citizen ordering a dangerous suspect or attacker to keep her hands away from a weapon.

The "victim" in a domestic violence situation is likely to end up testifying against you.

In any of those scenarios, your intervention would likely but you inextricably in a world of serious trouble.
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