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This sounds like good advice and I will check these potential problem areas out with the .40 equipmemt (dies, shell plate, cases, etc.) ASAP.

I was using the press this morning with a different non-40 case/dies/shellplate. The "new" cases entered the resizing die (RCBS) and all other dies without issue.

Does this mean the progressive press has been indexed properly? I'm kinda confused about which indexing pawl does what and when to adjust them or when to leave them alone. I've busted 3 pawls and now I am very careful now about ram arm movement and stopping before anything jams the press. I don't have lots of confidence in the press and I am loading one case through all 4 stations one at a time until I can get it to run correctly.

I'm making progress but it is slow. So far, getting the press running has been a much bigger challenge than I thought it might be.
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