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Here's a trick I use...
When charging cases 50 at a time (that's how I do it), I will charge 51, 52 or 53 cases.

When those 53 are fully charged, I'll pull one about 12 cases in, next from like 28 cases in, and maybe case number 45. You get the idea -- it's a random sampling from somewhere, anywhere in the middle.

Check the weight of each of those charges. If all look good, I can reasonably assume the other 50 are properly metered out. I don't have to meter any more and I'm not checking one round that was metered out -NOT- in succession (and rhythm) with all the others. Consistency means a lot!

Now you've got your 50 and they are ready to run. Use this opportunity to look at EACH AND EVERY ONE of the 50 cases. This takes only a moment. If you've got a severe over or under charge somewhere, you'll see it. Keep good lighting over your bench.

Now place a bullet over each and make some ammo!
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