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fear, prepared...

Thugs & street criminals want a "easy lick".
If you walk down the street pulling wads of cash out or act like you are scared you could be "profiled" by a thug or group of hoods.

The G security officer was PREPARED to deal with violent threats and used good tactics. Watch how he keeps moving, scans for threats & doesnt turn his back on the robbers.

The only minor point I'd add is that in a lethal force event, be ready for any attack or even a sudden counter-attack all around you. 360 degrees.

I got in the habit of looking around all over during any confrontations.
An armed security guard in metro Orlando was robbed in a business parking lot by 2 thugs a few years ago. The first robber calmly asked for directions, the other snuck up behind the G officer & pointed a gun at his head. That guy should have "watched his 6" . Another armed patrol officer in the Tampa area was shot dead(in the back/head) as he stood in a parking lot. He never drew his 9x19mm sidearm.

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