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I'll have to try the powdered graphite trick, as the Lyman manual recommends it. Not sure where to find powdered graphite, but I haven't searched the web yet.

I've now reloaded a total of 250 rounds of 9mm and I'm getting the system down and I'm able to focus on my speed a bit more. Once I have a tray of 50 spent cases set up and I've verified that the powder measure is throwing 3.5-3.6 grains of Bullseye, I can crank out 50 rounds of 9mm in less than half an hour. I think I can still speed that up quite a bit with practice.

I'm comfortable enough with the powder measure now that I believe it's reliably throwing the desired charge, so I only feel the need to measure once before I start and again at the end of the 50 rounds.

My wife and I will go shooting 9mm (and maybe .45 if I have time to load some up tonight) tomorrow morning and we'll see if the slightly increased powder load helps my Beretta to cycle a bit better. We'll also see how her Kahr T9 likes the rounds.

On a side note, I'm pretty sure my issue with my Sig 1911 is that as a lefty my right thumb rides the bit of the slide release lever that pokes through the other side of the frame. I think on occasion I push the lever free, which jams up the gun. Nothing to do with the ammo.
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