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Thanks guys, I really appreciate you taking your time and giving me your input. Yes I live is Catt county and it took me about 5 months or so to get my permit. Many of my friends also have permits as well.

As for my dad coming downstairs to pee lol, his bedroom is on the first floor in the back of the house, he is disabled. I am always the last one to sleep and know when everyone is home, so if someone were to come into the living room from the hallway I would know they weren't welcome. Also I am sure I'd hear them enter because our doors are always locked with the handle and a dead bolt. So if someone did enter the house and was clearly armed, I would be justified to shoot at them? Shoot to kill I would assume, because my life would be considered at risk? Also if they weren't armed then holding them at gunpoint until the police arrived wouldn't get me in any trouble correct?

Oh and I forgot, my one scenario was if a guy had a gun pointed at his wife or whomever and clearly was enraged and stated he was going to kill her. If something like that were to happen and someone was killed, I would feel awful if I thought there was a chance I could have stopped it in any way.

Thanks a lot guys, I really appreciate your advice and input. I love this place! Also bflobill, it's nice to see a local around here! I'm only a little over an hour away from Buffalo.

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