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The prices are probably a bit high, but since the seller won’t budge, and you have already decided to pass on them, you will find a better deal if you are set on those models.

I have a 19-3 with 4-inch barrel I bought used in 1984 for about $250 and my other half inherited a 19-4 with a 6-inch barrel last year. Her heavier longer barrel and thicker grips help with recoil.

Should you end up with a Model 19-x, stay away from the 125 grain bullets. Over time they can damage the forcing cone. If you look around you will find some good articles on that. Stick with the 158 grain bullets and any load of .38 Specials, including +P and have fun with it.

I know nothing about Colts, so no comment on the Colt.
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