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When you set up the dies, screw the sizing down until it just touches the shell plate. Put a case in the shell plate and raise the ram. If need be, help the case enter the die. With the ram all the way up and a case in the die, tighten the lock ring. This aligns the die with the case position.
I have NEVER had a need to "loosen" the spring that holds the cases in the shell plate.
Problems priming are usually related to: primer pocket containing residual white powder (this is very seldom a problem and comes out if you deprime prior to case cleaning) or primer pockets of the wrong dimension (not common except with military brass--try a primer pocket de-swager or primer pocket "uniformer") or the primer seating stem is not fully tightened in the press base plate or operator error NOT bringing the ram all the way down. You can feel the primer being seated and you should be able to feel the primer not being seated properly.
Hornady has GREAT customer service and calling has always worked for me with all the various reloading companies.
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