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READ A RELOADING MANUAL, PLEASE. Does it really make sense that a HEAVIER bullet could use the same charge weight? Why not replace the 185gn with a 500gn? It is the same thing.
If you have no data for a given bullet weight, you can use the loading data for the next heavier bullet weight as a starting point.

Primer safety: If safety is your concern, then you do not want any system that involves multiple primers near the priming station.
For this, the SAFEST would be a Lee Ram Prime where you manually place each individual primer in position to be primed and there is no way to have a bunch of primers go off at once.
However, if productivitiy is important, you have to see that most (all?) primer explosions are caused by operator error.
Since primer explosions are very rare and most probably are not willing to explain their fault in the explosion, there is no way for us to know what is safest any more than you can.
Don't play with primers and keep equipment clean and in proper working order and DON'T FORCE ANYTHING while reloading.

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