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Originally Posted by kraigwy
My question is, you live in NY. I thought it was very difficult to get a CC permit in NY
Popular and persistent misconception. Geographically, the vast majority of NY is legally "may issue" but effectively Shall Issue. The only areas where getting a permit is difficult are the major cities. Namely, Buffalo, Rochester, Albany and obviously NYC. There are pockets of resistance elsewhere, such as the Ithaca area but, by and large, getting a permit in the rest of the state is quite easy. I know of some counties that issue CC permits by default. Even if the applicant requests a sporting use or premises permit, the judge will change it to concealed carry. Technically, it's not concealed carry, it's "Unrestricted".

In regards to the scenarios, I agree, shooting someone who doesn't pose an imminent threat is bad joojoo and inserting yourself into unknown scenarios is a good way to get shot.
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