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I'm not a proponent of "similar platforms". Of all my guns none are the same and I have zero issues working the controls on any of them. Case in point, my most similar guns are a pair of pump 12ga's, one Winchester, one Remington. Both have safeties on the trigger guard but one is in front the other in the rear. Due to what ever nuances in feel the guns have, no matter how small, I can bounce back and forth all day between them and never confuse the safeties. I can't recall every trying to work a safety in front when it's actually in the rear and vise versa with either of these guns. Now I have owned both guns for decades and grew up shooting a twin to the Remington so neither is new. Were talkin mucho rounds thru both guns. I also have or had many handguns. None of them very close in design. Revolvers, semi's, SA's, DA's, Hammer fired, striker fired, safeties in all sorts on locations including on the slide, etc.. After a few good range sessions operating the guns becomes second nature even when using other guns in a close time span. It's amazing what your mind will do without you even thinkin about it.
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