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Congrats on your first purchase being one of the finest guns out there (the finest IMO). My first center fire gun was a 92FS and it is by far my favorite still, I absolutely love that gun.

I can think of two good 45's for under 500. I have a Ruger KP345 and I like it a lot. It shoots well and id reliable. It is na poly frame (and I'd like it better if it was aluminum) but it has good looks with the stainless and the black, and it's hammer fired with controls and behavior similar to the 92.

The other is the Stoeger (Beretta) Cougar. These things are a bargain ... 399 for the 9mm & .40sw, and about 450 for the .45. They shoot great, are all metal, are solid and reliable, and they have controls almost identical to the 92's except for, IMO, a better grip (slightly smaller). I have a Cougar in the 9 (which has been great) but I hear the .45 version is fantastic. I probably should have bought it over the Ruger but I kind of wanted at least 1 Ruger in my collection and I always liked the KP345.
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