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So im reading the load data on 45 acp and was wondering if a load calls for a 185 gr hornaday fmj can i keep the same load but instead of a 185 gr could i use a 200 gr as long as i keep the same bullet manufacture? thanks.
I second what elk said above, and would add that step 1 really should be the purchase of one or two good reloading manuals (Lyman 49, Lee Modern Reloading 2nd edition, etc) which you thoroughly read cover to cover, and then read again. This is easily the most important step in the process of becoming a reloader, in my opinion.

Bullet weight and bullet composition (lead, jacketed, plated) are what matter, not manufacturer. Components are never interchangeable in a load recipe. When you change any component you must back the load down to a safe starting load and work it back up.
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