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Upon actually dry firing the SP01 and comparing it to the 92A1, 1911, and even the M&P45, I have to say that the SP01 showed a trigger creep which did not show up in any of my other pistols.

So, what trigger creep am I talking about?
When you press your thumb against the trigger and start exerting pressure, here's what you may encounter in chronological order:
  1. slack movement (if any) until you meet with resistance
  2. after resistance is felt, if the trigger travel any more distance that is noticeable to you visibly or by feel --- this is trigger creep
  3. trigger is released

The grip of the SP01 is thinner and the molding of the rubber grip conforms better to my hand.

The trigger reset distance is about the same as the Beretta or slightly longer --- nothing drastically different.

The physical finish of the SP01 is well above average but there are a couple of corners that do not measure up to the super well deburred Beretta.

There's one last thing left to do: test fire.
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