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took a fall

While bush hogging down at the hunting land on the First, I decided to check on a stand I wanted to hunt opening day. It had a bunch of spider webs around the seat area, so I got a stick and climbed up to clean it. I didn't see the large wasp nest behind the webs and was startled by the bugs flying out and hitting me in the face. Like a fool, I let go of the ladder and started down. I had time to think that this was a bad thing but maybe it wouldn't be too bad. When I hit, my right foot turned about 90 degrees. The heavy snake boot helped pop the foot back to about 60 degrees but I knew bad things had happened.

Thanks to my poor planning (I carry water and a cell phone when hunting) and the fact that I was alone, I knew I had an unpleasant task ahead of me. I could choose to crawl towards the creek where there was some brackish water about fifty yards away or I could crawl up the trail through the brush towards the tractor several hundred yards away. Not wanting to spend the night in the woods with broken bones, the tractor became the goal. I could feel the broken bones grinding against each other when the toe of my boot would catch on roots. The heat, ants, chiggers and ticks weren't fun but I made it to the tracker after an hour and a half and climbed up and got it started. After that, the drive to my truck where a bottle of water and cell phone waited wasn't too bad. A call to some friends and 911 got help on the way. I drove down to the gate and it wasn't long before help arrived. I've got two rods through my shin and one rod through my heel to stretch the broken bones back out. The tib and fib are both cleanly broken near the ankle and there are a few fractures in the bones in the ankle. I should be walking in a few months.

The next time I go out, I won't be alone and I'll have some water and other survival gear with me. The cell phone doesn't work where the fall took place but it might have worked up the hill where the tractor was. I'd also rather take a few stings than a bone breaking fall.

Be careful out there.
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