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1. Only you can decide this.
2. You should find some way to rent one before buying.

You'll doubtless encounter lots of threads about how HKs are very expensive and overpriced, and even I would agree they are. However I haven't personally owned any pistol that has been as reliable, and I have owned over two dozen. If you can find one used that often takes care of the price factor, and because they were so expensive in the first place the original owner usually has taken good care of them (I have a 10 year old P2000 and a brand new one, the condition is almost identical).

Some people don't shoot them well. That's true with any gun. As to the trigger pull there are some very easy spring swaps that I personally do on any HK that I buy that make the trigger much better (the hammer spring and firing pin block spring). It involves knocking out two roll pins total. One thing I do love about HK is that parts are very easy to get online,, and the online community for them is very helpful.

Another option would be to look at their newer P-series of pistols, i.e. P2000 and P30. Both good options. I CC a P2000 and in 1500 rds have never had a malfunction.
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