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I responded to this by pointing out that many, if not most, .357 Magnum snubs are substantially smaller than your M66 was, and thus are also smaller than your Hi-Power, so the .357 snub does have a size advantage over a full-size 9mm. I also pointed out that in order to get a 9mm the same size as a small-frame .357 snub, you have to go to a compact or subcompact model with a barrel of 3-3.5" which will, in turn, produce lower velocity than either the .357 Magnum snub or the full-size 9mm.

To that, you replied that your comparison was "100% fair" and completely ignored the fact that there are many .357 snubs available which are much smaller than your M66 but still produce similar velocity.
I ignored the small frames for, from my perspective, a very valid reason.
I neither have nor would own one,,,period..
I dry fired a J frame once and put it back on the counter. Buying it would have been a total waste of money.
All the positives of a J frame disappear when you have to change you finger position mid trigger pull...

I would also not at this stage of my life buy or own a Ruger D/A.
The Ruger trigger is all wrong for me.
Same with Taurus, Colt,,,,,you name it...
Including BTW, a K-frame Smith w/a round butt.

Far and away accuracy is my strong point.
That's one area where I will accept no compromise.

As for the wuestion of how much difference there is between a Jframe (or some other small "pocket .357) and a compact or sub compact 9mm,,,,,I really have no desire or need to invetigate it.
It's a 100% meaningless and useless waste of my time.
If it's something you wish to chase down, knock yourself out - or don't - it's 100% up to you.
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