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Dawson ICE Magwell For Gen4 Glocks With Magwell Review

Up front––I'm a fan of magwells in general on my non-carry guns. They help ensure your hand gets high up on the grip and aid in reloads. I also like to run my Gen4 Glocks with a medium backstrap since I generally like the Gen3 Glock grip feel. But... until Dawon released this magwell all the products out there for the Gen4s only worked without a backstrap so I've been patiently waiting.

-Aids in reloads
-Easy installation
-Replacable bottom inserts; so if you wear it out (good luck with that) you can just buy the insert instead of an entire new magwell
-Dawson has great customer service
-The finish looks similar to the 'shiny' Glock finish so it blends with the gun well
-Can be used with the flush basepad but extended mags are certainly easier to use

-Only model availible weighs 2.9oz. I prefer heavy magwells but that's a personal preference

Here's a quick product review video and demonstration of the magwell in action:

Mrgunsngear Youtube Channel
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