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Also, H&K makes good products but will not sell the majority of their most desired items to the public. If they do offer a variant of it, they are very modified and goofy-looking versions of the ones people really want to buy. They do not seem to really care or even like the civilian market. This is another (and unrelated) issue that I dislike H&K.
What products are you talking about? Other than the MP7 and HK's heavy weapons, you can buy their other arms at your local gun shop. What "goofy-looking versions" are you refering to?

H&K USP: Is it worth the money?
Only you can answer that. Is a Monet worth more than a Dali? Because the USP is one of HK's oldest models, there are large numbers of used guns at very reasonable prices available. A new USP runs about $800, a few hundred more than some similar guns. I believe the quality of HK pistols is higher than many lower priced guns, and if that is worth the extra cost, then the price is justified.

I've several USPs and they have all been worth the price to me. I do not, IMHO, consider them overpriced.

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