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To the OP,

I am by and far no expert on cast, in fact I only recently in the past year began to shoot them in earnest. I specifically started to pour my own based upon a desire to feed my 454 and not pay the higher prices for bullets which would hold up to the pressures associated with it.

As such I purchased a Lee 452 300RF GC mold and went to town. I found that they put deer and hogs down with authority when pushed to the 1500 - 1650fps range.

Since then I have learned a ton about cast bullets and began to pour them in several other calibers. The overall theme is fit is king and lube is queen. As for fit, it is usually .001-.003 over bore size. THe thing is they need to also fit the cylinder as well. If your cylinder is small than your bore or if you have a small area ahead of the forcing cone where the barrel threads might have been screwed in a bit tight this causes problems.

Other than that I have not found that one type shoots expressly better than another. I have shot RFP, WFN, RN, and SWC's all with very acceptable accuracy out of the same revolvers. Slug your barrels and find the proper size, then play with lubes and you might find that one works better than another in your revolvers or you might find that, like I did, the Alox or mixes of it, will work in them all.

My latest passion has been to put together an alloy which will hold up to the velocities I am shooting and also alloy expansion without being overly brittle and allowing the noses to blow off or separate from the shank. I tested a small batch over the weekend and was VERY pleased with the resulting expansion. Granted this was shot into damp packed sugar sand, but it did what I had hoped for and held together. As far as the differences in the dirt and animal tissue it is a non issue as I now know that at least the noses are malleable enough to flow and not too brittle where they will break off.

Mike / TX
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