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308, 9/12/12

I have a USPc in .45 and a number of other pistols to compare it to (sigs, SW 3rd gen and 2nd gen, beretta, CZ's). First the good news- it's reliable, accurate and light. The bad news- it's pretty big for a "compact" gun but still carries well. The DA trigger pull is the worst of any of my DA pistols-long, heavy and stacks severely before the hammer drops. The SA trigger is average. Mags are over $50each. Aftermarket parts are often unavailable (I was told I would have to wait six months to get a safety-decocker lever from Germany by one of the larger dealers). And, at least for me, they are overpriced. I think other quality polymer framed pistols are available for hundreds of dollars less and are of equal practical use.

The main use for my USPc-.45 is as a woods/hiking gun. It is easier to clean up the polymer frame than my metal framed guns. If for some reason I lost it I would replace it with another better-priced gun. Good luck.

best wishes- oldandslow
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