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Can you order from places like Powder Valley here in the U.S.
Its not so much can I import, but that US companies won't post out. Seems that the USPS has listed my country of residence as a dangerous place to ship to...

But aside from that, I think the postal costs from across the Atlantic would be quite high.

Regarding the 240 v 300gr issue. Firstly, I won't be hunting with them, but the load would need to acheive the same in case something tries hunting me!!

Over here, HPs are not permitted for use my civilians, so that is why I am limiting myself to SPs.

So aside from that, I can order whatever H&N bullets I want, provided I get my order in with my range to benefit from a bulk discount.

From PPU, I know I can get htose 240gr options. I can only get the 300gr option if the shop is willing to order. I imagine 500 bullets is the minimum!
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