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Home Gun & Man Cave Room

I am building a -man cage- so to speak.

And am looking for opinions and ideas!

For the first time in 20 years, I have some spare time; and have finally dedicated some to what I have always wanted.. a MAN CAVE which I have appropriately named the man cage.

Due to my extensive and brutally if not blindingly expensive firearms collection, I have always focused their location on security.

I have 2 foot thick concrete basement, with 2inch reinforced steel plating around the entire inside ceiling and floor incl. ( which looks pretty cool ).

I have purchased some garage doors, and had them fabricated with metals, and additionally the entire interior once those doors are opened is encaged in metal mesh.. which in essance just looks cool.

I wont go into too much info regarding the structure, locks, hidden access etc. as that would obviously defeat 50% of this rooms purpose....however, I am looking for opinions about some cool stuff to put inside my room.

Hopefully you guys have some experience with things like gun racks, tvs, computer systems, security systems, power reserves etc.etc.etc.

I am really open to any ideas, but be sure and include company and model info... as I actually plan to BUY the seemingly best suggested ideas.

As you guys fireoff ideas and I have things delivered, I will be sure to do regular picture updates.

I realize this is a broad request.. but fire for effect.
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