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A visit to the Ossuary at Verdun or the war memorial in any small French town
will enlighten those who belittle le soldat francaise. Perhaps because France has sometimes been a somewhat fickle and prickly ally and since there has been so little French emigration to this country they make a convenient object of derision. I recall in the 1960s similar things were said about Italian milsurps-"Never fired, only dropped once!" but since there is something of an Italian vote in this country saying such things has gone out of fashion, and the 655,000 Italian soldiers who died in WWI would quickly correct anyone who questions their valor.
I have only fired my MAS M1936 with 32ACP in an adaptor cartridge. It is a well designed, well made rifle with a few design quirks-the bayonet and the lack of adjustment in the rear sight, but handles well and fires a round comparable to the 7.62x51. In the hands of properly trained and led troops, it will will do nicely.
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