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Thanks for asking our advice

Originally Posted by Jonzeey02
which is safer
I been doing some research online about which reloading kit i want to get and i want to either get a lee breech lock kit or the lee anniversary kit. I know one difference is on the breech lock kit you prime off the press and with the anniversary kit you prime on the press. My question is which way i the safest way to prime on the press or off ? Being a newbie i just want to be safe rather than sorry and the primers are the only thing making me a little nervous about reloading. Any of you guys use these kits and if so is there on better than the other? As always thanks for the imput.
I believe you are starting from an incorrect premise.

You can prime on-press with either press.

If you give us the part numbers of the exact presses you are comparing, I could tell for sure.

There are three ways to prime.

1) A hand primer (off-press)
2) A die for priming (is screws into the press just like a sizing die, but holds the case above the press while you seat the primer from below with a primer cup that sits on the ram where the shell holder usually goes. This is probably the least used method of priming.

edit: Thanks to noylj for reminding me of the name of the device I described above, "Ram Prime". I believe other makers must produce them also, but here is Lee's:

3) Priming on-press with the priming arm that inserts into a slot in the ram. With Lee's Safety-Prime, this is very nearly as safe as the hand primer.

If you use method 3), priming on-press, but without the safely prime primer dispenser, you have absolutely no chance of a chain detonation of primers (which is remote enough anyway). The drawback is that you pick up each primer manually and put them one by one in the primer seating cup on the press.

Good luck.

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