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Not sure how long ago this issue was settled, but this is one of the greatest movies in exsistance IMO.

In regards to the CQTS method and procedure used by Vincent in the film , Tom underwent extensive training over large periods of time, under highly skilled Practical Firearms and Shooting Instructors, and was outfitted with custom clothing in order to complete the scene without speeding it up VIA Hollywood machine magic.

I do not have an online link handy, but there was a special feature done on the scene in question, the methodology and logistics of it.
If I recall correctly ; Tom went through 4 , $2000 custom made suits to film this scene.. due to ripping a section of the pants near the IWB each time.

Bonus : Tom actually did the SHOOTING for this drill and had obtained accurate grouping at a similar speed in drills up to 30YDS. His training was done OTR, locked and loaded.

Again, I love this movie..... but now I wont be able to stop watching it..again!
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