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When my I researched and shopped for our daily concealed carry pistols, I knew I wanted compact 9mm models, same make and model, for both my wife and I. We would be able to already know the controls and ergonomics of each others carry guns, have a pool of mags, same holsters (potentially), etc. Our top three choices from the research to the range (rental of various models and extensive testing) narrowed it to three; the S&W M&P9C, the Ruger SR9C and the Glock 19.

My wife never liked my Glock 23 and the 19 was included because I well know the utility of the design. I am, in truth, no great fan of the Glock for me as I have never shot one well. In the final summation, she felt more comfortable with the Ruger and so we have matching his and hers, with an additional (2) 17 round mags each, and couldn't be happier.

I like the M&P a lot but the Ruger is a great value, is backed by the legendary Ruger customer service department whom I have had successful personal dealings with, is accurate, durable, reliable, and dependable. Ours have thousands of rounds through them with a variety of factory ammunition with no failures of any kind. I carry mine IWB in a White Dog Purebred model with the optional sweat guard and J hooks and it is very comfortable, has great retention and is easy to draw and reholster.

Yes, Ruger is rare on a LEO gun belt but as others have said, that means little.

Good luck!
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