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chris with out too many details

close by neighbors? or miles apart?
interior walls made of stone or dry wall? over penetration is the problem. If I shoot bad guy in the living room, does the round pass through him and into the next 2 or 3 rooms? the house next door? all things to consider before you discharge a fire arm in a home.
Me personally, my first home defense choice is a 20 gauge pump action shot gun with game shot #8 in it. Enough to knock you on your ass, and not go into my kids bedrooms down the hall. I have a 9mm baby desert eagle II, along with others but that's my daily conceal carry pistol.

for a pistol home defense, again, go to a range and try a few on. Texas is a big gun state, you should have no trouble finding a range to rent a few guns. My local place has a Mens day on Friday, all rentals free, you just buy the ammo from them. So, you buy a box of 9mm and hit every gun on the wall!
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