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i've personally owned both, and even sporterized both.....the mosin is a fun gun, that's about all i can say for has alot of power in a small package.....the best you can do for solid optics is an s&k scout scope mount and an extended eye relief scope......(unless you want to do alot of welding)

the yugo m48 is a nice weapon that has almost endless potential......the mauser action is highly sought after for custom builds....8mm can be an excellent round in the hands of a reloader, or you could fit a nice match grade barrel to it and have a fine long range hunting platform in a modern caliber (.270 Winchester for example)....the receiver can also be drilled/tapped, but the bolt handle will have to be altered if you mount a scope too low.....i bought and fitted my yugo m48 with a richard's microfit laminated stock, with future plans for a Krieger was a beautiful rifle, i wish i hadn't sold it

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