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do you have any gun experience at all?

if not consider the following
1. the use of this weapon
You ask about home defense. Fine reason
Do you want a pistol or a long gun?
Shot guns make excellent home defense guns. Pump action
is universal sound of your maker knocking on your door.
2. your budget for this weapon
handguns can get pricey choose one that is rite for you
caliber of the gun, not all ammo is equal
for defense a minimum of 9mm also the cheaper of the ammo most days
Shotguns, average around 250 dollars, you can pick up a shotgun
not a lot of aiming for home defense, spray an pray covers a lot of ground
3. what kind of home are you defending
condo, house, apartment
these will dictate your ammo choice and probably your weapon as well
4. Does your location limit gun ownership or require any special permits?

as you can see lots of things you need to let us know
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