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James River 1903A3 Competition

I bought a James River Competition 1903A3. Was going to buy a M1 Garand to.
The 1903A3 looked great. It would not shoot single shot from the magazine. If you loaded five rounds. The first four worked fine. The fifth locked up action. I had emailed them telling of problem. They said I needed to inlet stock. He said it worked fine during test fire. That is BS.
There was a 1/8 gap between the receiver and magazine well. Follower was locking into said gap not letting round come up to be pushed into chamber. It took me two full days of cutting out wood to remove the gap. I had taken action out of stock and put it together to see how far the longest bolt need to go , so I would not cut out too much wood. It works fine now, but the trigger housing is now 7/16 below stock. Not happy at all with the half a## work done on the rifle. James River never answered my last email about I was going to have to cut out so much wood. I got the opinion that it was my problem. I took care of it and they will not get anymore of my money!
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