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Yes, many folks can adapt.

Yes, if you shoot it enough, you should become proficient. I had a high quality BB gun with no front sight (knocked off) that I used for years and years. (Should have bought stock in Daisy, Inc. because I certainly helped the company in their BB sales!)

Yes, I can even get good groups out of my friend’s 40S&W Sigma. He scatters the holes around in random 15 to 18 inch patterns, but they plop into a 3 to 4 inch group for me. (Trigger not very good on his.)


I will contend that good ergonomics is very important. Examples: Large hands/small pistol or small hands/large pistol; grip angle vs. natural point; bore centerline distance from support; etc. I believe that you can find a “fit and feel” which is best for you. It may take a few years of shooting. It may take shooting different weapons and platforms. It may take dabbling in different types of shooting - hunting, Bullseye, IDPA and so forth. And it might just take the aging process to develop into a grumpy old opinionated codger, who is picky.
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