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I've bought lots of components from Powder Valley including 35,000 primers in one order (various sizes). I use their website to work up prices.

I bought 48 lbs of powder in original sealed containers all of one lot for $125 per 8 lbs from another FCSA member from SC. He brought it to World Championships in Raton NM knowing I was to meet him there with cash in hand. My previous purchase of this powder was at $168 per 8 lbs.
My purchase of 80 lbs of H50BMG was $118 - $143 per 8 lbs on sale date.
My purchase of 80 lbs of H5010 Virgin was $59 per 8 lbs on sale date.
My purchase of 32 lbs of Reloder50 was $148 per 8 lbs on sale date.

I buy large lots of bullets to ensure lot consistency Match to Match - expensive yes - but worth it. Some will say I hoard by buying such large lots - its not true in that sense but does allow consistency to be there year after year depending on how many Matches are shot each year.

I told him it was expensive to get into shooting a 50BMG rifle, and meant it. But buying smaller lot sizes will cut overall costs at expense of consistency of components.

I've used $3 bullets and I've used $0.29 bullets. You get what you pay for.
I've settled on 808 grain brass solids for my Match Ammo.

I sometimes sell components to new shooters at rates which they were purchased.

"oldmanFCSA, I was just pointing out and I know this may be higher that what your paying but Powder Valley has 8lbs of V V 20N29 @ $214.00 and if you order 48 lbs that's $1700.00 and if you look at the price of bullet you priced out per 1000 your most expensive was $2150.00 to a low of $290. and that doesn't include price of brass or primers."

You need to check your math.
48 lbs is 6 jugs of 8 lbs each * $214 = $1284.
I buy 1000 bullets on a custom order for $1600. ($1.60 each)
In past I bought 5000 pulled AP bullets for $1450. ($0.29 each). I resize them in a 0.5095 die to ensure concentricity, and smooth out cut from de-milling operation.
Re-look at my post - primers are priced, some purchased at $95 per 500, some at $115 per 500, some at $129 per 500. Some were even less on private sale.

Yes shooting the 50BMG can be expensive, but I average 1000 rounds fired per year over last 5 years, and I need to re-barrel both rifles to re-obtain match accuracy. My smallest group is 5-shots under 5 inches at 1000 yards. Lately my groups have opened up drastically.

Hope this helps.

This sport is still cheaper than racing offroad motorcycles (myself and 2 kids, all on KTM's), or drag racing a car on weekends.

And with my dis-ability, target shooting is all I do now, no hunting.
Dis-ability due to long term effects of tractor roll-over accident.
The discrepancy on bullet cost was the quantity buy I do for my stuff.
Your cost WILL vary.
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