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A few scenario questions, I could use some advice!

Ok so there's a few different scenarios I have had on my mind lately and I wanted some advice. Please take your time to read, sorry for the long post!

First off is this one....I had to move back into my parents house a while back due to certain circumstances. While I was gone, my room started to become kind of a catch all for things that don't have a place. So until my room is cleaned up and back to normal, I've been sleeping on the couch. The way our front door is set up is like this...when you walk in the front door from the porch you enter a hallway, where we hang coats and keep our shoes and such. Right to your left is another door that opens into the living room and when you enter the room you are facing straight at the couch. My question is this, if an intruder were to enter the living room and appeared to be unarmed, how should I react? I always sleep with my gun in my pants pocket right on the floor next to the couch within close reach. Should I pull the gun on them and hold them there until the police arrive? Also, what would be the best thing to do if they WERE armed? Would I be in the right to draw on them and shoot right there on the spot?

Ok my next question. If I was in the local gas station or grocery store or what have you and someone came in and drew a weapon on the employee(s), what would be the best thing for me to do? I always have a pistol on me anywhere that I can legally carry it. Should I just stand there and do nothing, or should I try to defend them somehow?

Alright one more thing I was thinking about. What if I was outside somewhere, say pumping gas for example, and I saw across the parking lot that a bad guy had a gun drawn on a person, or two or three people or whatever, and was robbing them and I felt that their lives were in danger. What would be the best way to react? What about if I didn't think their lives were in danger? Also what about the same situation, except it was a domestic violence situation and the husband or boyfriend had his gun drawn and was pointing it at his wife and clearly stated that he was going to kill her?

I'm sorry I realize that there are multiple variables here that can come into play. I have just thought about these scenarios quite a bit lately because they seem like some of the more likely things that could happen, and I want to make sure I react correctly and in a manner that will keep myself out of trouble and out of jail. Maybe some LEOS on here could join in, or anyone who has been in any of these situations. Thanks a lot for your time!

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