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Fascinating and thought-provoking discussion.

As an S&W guy, I have always accepted that revolvers turn "the right way"...because that is all I have ever known.

As I learn more, I can now see that Colt built SA revolvers that turned "the other way" and when they started building DA revolvers, it was natural that they turned "the same way".

I had never stopped to consider the implications of the direction of cylinder rotation as an advantage/disadvantage (when Colt used that direction in the SA revolver, the whole "turning in to" was a non-issue) ...Colt's later use of the "same direction" rotation was the natural way to go.

Anyone remember how Chrysler/Mopar cars of the 60's used to use LH threads on the wheel lugs of the two LH wheels? It was supposed to prevent those wheel lugs from loosening...makes sense in theory, but in practice, it ended up with a bunch of frustrated customers (who could not remove a flat tire) and a number of broken studs (by people who persisted in trying to loosen the lug nuts by turning them the "wrong way" until they snapped off.)

Similarly, the whole "rotating into the frame" sounds good, and may bear some additional thought, although 100+ years later, I cannot see that any advantage has been proven one way or another.
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