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1860 Army, made in Belgium

Looked at an 1860 Army today. Says made in Belgium. They wanted $350. Way to much for me, I would prefer to buy new for that price. Question, are these revolvers any good? When were they made? It seemed like a nice gun, looked nice. But the pins on the frame seemed like they had play when the barrel assembly was placed on them. Is this normal? Perhaps I said that wrong, the pins didn't move, the holes in the barrel seemed loose, even with the wedge in place. I do want an 1860, but I'm leaning towards one from the Taylors catalog. Am I correct in my thinking on this?
Also, the one I looked at was a steel frame, in case the pin to hole question would be different on a brass framed revolver, not that it should be, just wanted to clarify.
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