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Generally - I agree...

If you only have one gun ....and practice enough with it / you'll adapt to it within reason.

The one exception is a really crummy trigger....and some guns just have really crummy triggers...lots of creep, some kind of hitch where just before they break there is something that catches like sear isn't ground properly...some triggers have a lot of wobble as they travel thru an arc - and/or feel real mushyu....and some of them just break with pressures way over most anything generally accepted as ok....

example: I have an American Derringer.....45 Colt / .410 shotshell....that has about an 18 lb trigger on it ( its like trying to squeeze water out of a rock )...its way past unacceptable. My brother in law bought it ...and gave it to me a few yrs ago ..../ someday I'll sell it - let someone else figure out what to do with the trigger pull on it. As a "belly gun" its still marginal in my view...
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