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Buck maybe the cougars in your state do react differently, I can't comment on that. I do know from personal experience how they act here.
You may not have had personal face to face encounters with them, I have.
The DOW statistics you cited leave out some very important facts. First, three confirmed dead,two of those were children.
Second they list REPORTED, CONFIRMED, attacks that resulted in documented injury. In other words someone had to notify DOW after being treated for an injury then DOW had to go to the encounter site and confim it normally by finding tracks.
The actual amount of encounters where the cougar was scared off are not kept track of. The numbers of encounters where the the cougar was acting aggresively or was interrupted in a stalk aren't documented. There are a lot of us who know what to do in that situation and cut it off at the pass, these encounters aren't reported anywhere. I was stalked numerous times, and found the tracks, back when I weighed a hundred pounds or so, (we won't discuss how long ago that was) none of that was reported to DOW either. Keep in mind those DOW guys are under enormous pressure not to screw up tourists coming to Colorado so their proof standards are pretty high. The words of one of them I asked.
One more thing, when a cougar tracks were routinely spotted near a ranchers house ,or one was seen repeatedly enough to worry the neighbors,"coyote" hunts including tracking dogs tended to happen, sometimes with the men of two or three households. Not too long afterwards someone would buy a cougar skin rug to celebrate the hunt. Take those things out of the picture and I can assure you the numbers you dealt with would have changed.
Ask yourself a few questions and feel free to do research on them.
1. How many predators in the lower 48 have been documented repeatedly stalking humans as prey?
2. How many predators in the lower 48 have been documented to deliberately stalk, drag off, and attempt to eat children in particular?
3. How many people who have no political agenda, are not involved in tourism, and have extensive experience with cougars feel like they are no big deal?
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