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mp- thanks for your input. Will check bore and #s on barrel. To me, it sounds like a great deal. The LGS has five or six of them, this one seems to be the one with the clearest numbers, and the stock is not bad at all. Worn, yup. Cracked, dented and scratched, not really. Maybe a few scratches.
The shop sells brass cased rounds for $50 per 100. Doesn't seem to bad. Another customer said they sell steel 'copper washed' cased rounds for less, I didn't ask the seller about that. I prefer to ask questions of those who are not trying to sell me something. Does this sound correct? I went in the shop to buy percussion caps and look at an 1860 Army repro. I am totally ignorant of the Mosin, but I want one.
I agree, why have it shipped and have to pay a transfer fee when its right there. Probably gonna buy it, or one of the same model if its gone.
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