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NFA items stolen while walking downrange.

A gentleman I know from my local range told me a story about how he had a suppressor stolen right off his bench during a ceasefire while he was fixing his target downrange. Needless to say, the ATF wasn't too happy with him, but he didn't get in any legal trouble for it. The perpetrator wasn't caught.

An individual is legally required to maintain control of their NFA item at all times, correct? If this is the case, what are you supposed to do about your NFA item when you're fixing your target 200 or 300 yards downrange? That leaves plenty of time when your back is turned for someone to grab it off your bench and drive away. Not all ranges will allow you to just sling your rifle or holster your gun and take it downrange with you during a ceasefire.

What do you do with your NFA item when going downrange? Is leaving it on the bench giving up control of the item in a legal sense?
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