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I find some of the post very interesting . As for me I go shooting what I consider often For a southern california resident . At least once a month sometimes twice . I always take a 22lr with me . The other day my son and I went shooting . We took the 22/45 and my 10/22 . We shot 600 + rounds of 22 that day and never cleaned the guns while we were there . In fact I've never cleaned any gun in the middle of a day of shooting ( just to clean it ). I did do a barrel break in on one of my rifles once . That must mean Ive cleaned a gun while at the range once . I would think most of us would not even consider cleaning the bore every 50 or so rounds But most of us are not trying to set world records either . It is nice to know what the expert world record holders do , but it almost never applys to my monthly trip to the range .

I only use the cleaning rod for soaking the bore and to oil the bore if Im not planning on shooting that particular gun any time soon . All other bore cleaning is done with a bore snake

I always clean the guns I shoot within 24 hrs of shooting them . Not that 24 hrs means anything but to me . If I don't clean them with in that time I will forget and never clean them . By doing so I know what ever gun I pull out of the safe it will be ready to go .

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