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My personal opinion is you need to give a gun more than just a hold at the counter, or a day at the range to make an honest evaluation. Feel in hand is different than feel while shooting, and even if you dont care for a certain gun at first, it could become your favorite when you get in sync with it. Glocks didnt feel great to me at first either, but with some shooting I found what all the hype is about. By no means the best feeling gun in hand to me (my Sig 229 would have that honor), but an awesome gun to shoot and be very accurate with.
I buy alot of guns, shoot several k rounds through them, and then decide if I like it or not. If after a good amount of shooting, I still love the gun, I keep it, or otherwise sell or trade it off. Noone could ever accuse me of not giving a gun a fair chance.
Currently, I am reaching my best shooting consistency ever with a Sig 229, and I expect that to get even better with practice. I thought it felt good in the hand at the shop, as I have with several other guns, but shooting it is what really sold me on it. Holes in the target, or whatever you are shooting at, will tell the real story. Far too many shooters, it seems, base an opinion on a very small sample of a guns fit, or accuracy, on the first time they pick it up. Or web rumors. Believe what your own results tell you, and understand that what feels good in the hand at the shop may not translate into a good gun for you.
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