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I know my local pawnshops won't recognize it as 'vintage' and will just try to rip me off, as usual.
Private sale will be your best bet. Be it internet, auction or classified ad. If you go to a gun shop, they will appraise the value for what they think they can get for it in their shop. Then give you 1\2 {+or-
]of that value they put on it.
If it is something they know they can sell quick, you may get a little more.
If it's something that's a hard sell, you'll get less or they may say, "not interested".

If it's a collectable firearm, there's a buyer. If it's a run of mill{"vintage"} shotgun, don't expect too much.
Also, know the laws in your state for selling firearms. Selling across state lines has other regulations you need to follow.
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