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the gun barrel and frame did fine with the dupli-color paint but the cylinder the paint came off after fireing. i cleaned it real good and blued the cylinder again. then again and cleaned and blued again. i even heated the metal before i blued, after i finished i left a good amount of oil all over the cylinder. i did this yesterday and i went into the room just a few minutes ago and where i blued the cylinder its got a brownish color on it. it almost looks like dull brass color, there is some blue there but mostley a ole brown color. so i don't have much more money to put in this, so will this hurt anything if i keep it oiled? its going to be a woods gun but i don't want the rust to hurt the gun any. should i try something else?, as i'm out of blueing. or will it be ok and not get worse if i keep it oiled? thanks
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