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So I can buy a big one only directly from RCBS?
Yes, so says RCBS.
The Quick Change Powder Measure is a great powder measure for reloaders who reload a variety of different cartridges and hate having to reweigh charges every time they switch between calibers. Quick Change parts can be used to upgrade existing RCBS Uniflow powder measures to have the same features as the Quick Change Powder Measure.
Pretty sure they only make ONE casting. I have one as old as Uncle Nick's and a new one that came with my Pro 2000. Except for the cast markings they appear to be identical. Drums are interchangeable. Hint:If you were to buy a new Pro 2000 progressive the Uniflow comes with both drums.....just like my 40 year-old one did.

Do get the small drum.....and use it for everything you can fit in it. Smaller charges are more accurately thrown from the small drum. Same goes for your Hornady P.M. Think the two powder measure are similar? That's because Hornady's was licensed from RCBS. Then they came up with a really good case-activated linkage for their LnL progressive. RCBS then licensed that from Hornady. Who knows maybe the licenses canceled each other????

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