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Dang you Taj,,,

Another coffee on the monitor moment.

. . . but if you are like the rest of us, . . . not having a deep pocketed shooting sponsor, . . . you might get yourself a BB gun or an air soft gun, . . . one that approximates your handgun.
Isn't that why .22 handguns were invented?

Get a .22 handgun that is a match or a close copy of your main gun,,,
I often carry a S&W Model 36 chambered in .38 Special,,,
My understudy to that is a S&W Model 34 in .22 LR.

50 rounds of .22 LR then 5-10 rounds of .38 Special,,,
Lather - Rinse - Repeat as often as you can.

Practice is the only way to perfect doing something.


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